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Shopfits is a one stop design and fit-out service for your retail and commercial space's. Because everything is done in house with no middle men! Yes you heard right! At Shopfits we are the Designers, Manufacturers, Engineers,  Project managers and Installers all in house! We can manufacture locally in our shopfitting factory or directly import from leading manufactures and source out products with our highly experienced shopfitters and offices which we have based in Auckland, Sydney, Perth and Shanghai.  Whether it's a design and fit out for a restaurant, bar, petrol station, office, warehouse, supermarket, you name it - we can provide the right expertise for your next project.

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Shopfits is a division of Pamma & Sons Group. Please visit www.pammaandsons.com for more info. 

  •  No middle men
  • Highly skilled team
  • Quality assured products
  • Retail experienced
  • Efficient service
  • Honest and friendly