Defitting & Strip Outs

Defitting, relocating or stripping out your store? We are just as good at taking it out as we are putting it in!


  • Decommissioning services including electrical, HVAC and plumbing. 

  • Storage and logistical planning for all fittings 

  • Remedial and restoring for your handover with landlords

  • Full Range of services and contarctors availabe 

    • Commercial builders clean including wipe downs for infected areas, includes removing all waste on site.

    • relocating the fit out with a strategic plan to new sites is also avalaible, saving you cost of repurchasing the exiiting fittings again. We can incorporate the old fittings into a new location if required. Design and project managemnt is available at Shopfits for this.

      • We will give a fast response with cost effective solution,  we understand time is usually a major factor with these projects.